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Our roofing, siding, gutters and window warranties:

All our new roof, siding, gutter and window installations carry a 10 year workmanship warranty included in our written proposal.

Material warranties are through the manufacturer and range from 25 year to Lifetime depending on the materials you choose.

Since we carry their highest certifications, we also offer upgraded roofing manufacturer warranties through CertainTeed and EcoStar on both workmanship and materials. Benefits include longer workmanship warranties (25 years) and backed by a national corporation.

What is the difference between your workmanship warranty and a material warranty?

  • Our workmanship warranty protects you in the event that you had a leak caused by improper installation. Example: we install your roof and 3 years later your roof leaks near your chimney. We would be responsible for fixing the leak free of charge.
  • Materials warranties are through the manufacturer of the materials and protect you in the event that the materials fail prematurely. Example: we install your siding and 12 years later it is warped and discolored. The manufacturer would be responsible for providing new materials (usually at a prorated rate.)

NOTE: The most common problems are usually NOT caused by the materials, in most cases where people have problems with their roofing, siding, or gutters it is caused by something the installer did wrong. That is why the company you choose to install your new roofing, siding, gutters or windows can make the difference between major headaches and peace of mind.