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Siding Replacement

Get Protection from Weather Conditions with Our Siding Replacement 

When you are worried about the maintenance of your house and don’t know what to do, that’s when St. Joseph’s Roofing can be of help. At times, your house is not shielded properly to endure harsh weather or may not be properly insulated. So you have to deal with cold weather and you get to hear the outdoor sounds clearly inside your home. This is when you need to replace your siding. St. Joseph’s vinyl siding is the best choice because of its exceptional quality and durability. We provide services to many areas including Fairfax and Falls Church.

Advantages of Installing St. Joseph’s Vinyl Siding

St. Joseph’s Vinyl Siding in Fairfax provides excellent quality insulation because it is manufactured according to the highest of standards and installed by skilled professionals. It protects your house in the following ways:

  1. Vinyl Siding forms a protective shell around the house and maintains its structure.
  2. It is also a very good insulator as it increases the R-value of the house; the thermal resistance.
  3. It also prevents air infiltration and this factor reduces noise and pollution coming from the outside.
  4. Added to all this, Vinyl Siding in Falls Church will not block the moisture inside the house. Rather, it will let it escape and let the walls “breathe”. This will greatly solve issues related to rot and mildew.

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Get Protection from Weather Conditions with Our Siding Replacement

Installation Process

Installing the best Vinyl Siding in Fairfax and keeping your home in great shape is our top priority. We install the siding replacement professionally so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

  • We always remove the old siding and examine everything carefully to fix any flaw, such as replace bad plywood.
  • We offer three types of material for installing perfect siding replacement: cedar board, cedar impression, and vinyl siding.
  • After the first step, a Tyvek Vapor Barrier is installed over the existing sheeting.
  • Then your choice of material is installed along with Insulated Foam Backing or a half inch of Dow Insulation Board.
  • Lastly, you choose the material and different colors for the final touch.

St. Joseph’s Vinyl siding service stands out due to its superior design, its durability, and because of the best warranties. You save yourself plenty of time and money by not having to pain the exterior of your home. At the same time, it is also energy efficient, easy to clean, flame resistant, resists insect damage and cracking. So, if you are facing any of these problems, you can rely on St. Joseph’s Vinyl Siding services to do the job.