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Roof Replacement

Premium Roof Replacement Service with Guaranteed Durability

Are you planning to replace your old roof with a new one, but just don’t know which company to trust? St. Joseph’s is a roofing company with an established reputation and a recognized name in the Northern Virginia construction industry. Considered as a symbol of excellence and reliability, St. Joseph’s Roofing provides impeccable service when it comes to roof installations, repairs, preventative maintenance, and beyond. Check out what our past customers have said about us.

With 20+ years of experience in the construction arena, our team of highly professional workers are available to install the most durable and lasting roofing at your home or business. We believe in winning over customers by providing exceptional roof installation services and maintenance services along with effective customer care. We’d be happy to provide references for your satisfaction, if requested.


Our Procedure

St. Joseph’s roof replacement services will repair or reinstall your roof. We follow a meticulously planned procedure while installing new roofing.

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Premium Roof Replacement Service with Guaranteed Durability

  • The first step is to place a tarp around all the areas of your house, followed by removing a small portion of the roof every day. The waste material is then taken away in our trucks on a daily basis to avoid any mess.
  • After getting rid of the old roof, we thoroughly inspect each plywood sheet to make sure that it isn’t rotting. If a sheet is affected, it is immediately replaced by a new one.
  • Then comes the installation of the ice and water shield around chimneys, skylights, eaves, and the step flashing of your roof.
  • Our roof replacement professionals also take great care while setting up a top-quality underlayment over the remaining wood decking, once the shielding is done.
  • Then comes the easy part – installing drip edge around the boundary of your roof.
  • We then move forward and install high-quality roof shingles with the most suitable shade that perfectly complements your exterior design and color.
  • To prevent the formation of ice dams in cold climate, we incorporate the right ventilation system.
  • And then we integrate new chimney flashings, step flashings and pipe flanges to finish our work.

Once we are done, we walk you around the exterior of the house with you to show you the brand-new roof. Rest assured, we guarantee the use of top-notch materials and we provide a warranty between 15 to 25 years for almost every product we install. So, why not contact St. Joseph’s for your roofing needs? Give us a call or fill out our estimate form.