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Loudoun County VA Roofing Contractors

Loudoun County VA Roofing Contractors

A roof is one of the most important structures in a home, when it comes to keeping the family safe and secure. It is therefore important to choose qualified and experienced roofing experts, for the best roofing services. If you live in Leesburg VA, Ashburn VA, Middleburg VA and Potomac Falls VA, then you are in luck. St. Joseph’s Roofing has been serving the area residents for many years. We know that high quality roofing is vital to the structural integrity of your house. That is why we ensure that all the materials used, meet high quality standards. When you combine that with our experienced roof installers, you get a sturdy roof that can withstand even the harsh weather conditions.

Loudoun County, VA Roofer Credentials

St. Joseph’s Roofing is one of the best Loudoun County VA Roofing Contractors. From roof replacements to roof repairs, we get the work done promptly to meet your satisfaction. As a roofing company, we are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Therefore, you can have peace of mind as we do your roof. Our expertise in roof replacement and repairs goes beyond other roofing companies in the area. You might encounter certain firms in the area, promising you cheaper services. However, most of them are not even certified by the regulators. What sets us apart from the rest, are the following credentials.

– GAF Master Elite Certification
– Select ShingleMaster Certification
– Owners Corning Preferred roof installers
– Contractor’s License, Maryland
– Class A Contractor’s License, Virginia
– Leak-free Guarantee
– Liability Insurance

We are one of the few companies in the area, who have managed to achieve the exclusive status of GAF MasterElite. In fact, only 3% of roofing contractors in North America have managed to achieve that status, based on commitment to highest standards of sales, services and installation. Every roofing contractor in Virginia, is required by law to have either a Class A or B license. However, at St. Joseph’s Roofing, we want to give our customers the best services. Our Class A Contractor’s License, Virginia puts us way ahead of the competition. To acquire this license, a contractor is required to:

– Pass any specialty exams required for your trade
– Complete 8 Hour Pre-Licensing Course
– Pass General, Advanced, and Law exams
– Company net worth of at least $45,000
– Show 5 years experience
– Testimony of 3 successful completed projects
– Submit an Application to the State

Our roofing services speak for themselves and our clients are always ready to provide testimonials, based on the quality of services we deliver. In fact, most of our clients come from referrals. It doesn’t matter the condition of your roof, we will conduct an initial assessment, then provide recommendations and solutions. We are committed to ensuring that all our customers receive the best and safest choice in roofing.

Roof Replacements

A roof replacement of full installation is a big project. When you have such a project on your hands, just let St. Joseph’s Roofing handle the rest. No roof is too big or too small for our expertise. We know that a roof replacement is a major decision and one that should be taken seriously. That is why we want to provide you with quality services, which will give you value for your money. We will give you the confidence to handle such a major undertaking. We are trusted roof replacement experts in the area.

For many years, we have been taking care of most roof replacements in Loudoun County and the surrounding areas. We understand all the bylaws, building codes and planning regulations, and adhere to them strictly. From large commercial structures to small family homes, we provide solutions to all roof replacement projects. Moreover, our services are reliable and our prices are competitive. Although our services might be slightly expensive, we make sure that we provide the best roofing materials for comfort and safety. Cheap is always expensive. We provide the right product at the right price, to ensure that our customers only receive the best roofing systems, which will last for more than 20 years.

Roof Leak Repairs

St. Joseph’s Roofing is pleased to provide you with quality repair services. Since our inception, we have managed to provide Leesburg VA, Ashburn VA, Middleburg VA and Potomac Falls VA residents, with reliable roof repairs. One of the biggest concerns roof damage, is flooding and water leaking. A leaking roof can damage your entire home and property, within a single day. The thing is, there is no small or big leak. What appears like a huge leak can be fixed within a short period, restoring your roof to its initial integrity. On the other hand, what appears like a minor leak can quickly lead to a huge problem.

Most homeowners tend to ignore a leak, only to end up with extensive and expensive repairs on their hands. Whenever you notice a leak, however, big or small, just call St. Joseph’s roofing and let the experts take it from there. Don’t wait for too long. If any of the shingles on your roof is missing, curling or loose, then you should have them secured or replaced as soon as possible. The shingles on your roof provide the first line of defense, during harsh weather conditions. Therefore, if you leave them in a status of disrepair, they will eventually leak water and lead to damages on other parts of your home. If you notice a loose or missing shingle, contact us immediately and we will examine your roof. We will then fix the problem right away, so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home.

If your roof is old or damaged, and you are worried that it might not provide the necessary protection against the elements, then you should contact an expert roofing contractor. St. Joseph’s Roofing will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and provide the necessary solution. We have highly trained and experienced personnel to handle any roofing project. At St. Joseph’s Roofing, we are committed to using the highest quality roofing materials while ensuring your roofing system is professionally installed for reliable protection and long-term service.

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