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Rated Us

Great experience

Our experience with St. Joseph's was great. The crew was great and spent a lot of time answering all of my husband's questions and he alwyas has a lot of questions. We would highly recommend St. Joseph's to anyone - while they are not the cheapest around you get the quality you pay for and with a roof I want the highest quality I can get.

NOVEMBER 20TH, 2012 by Lynn T.

Positive experience

I had a uniformly positive experience with St. Joseph's Roofing. I have an older home, and the gutters were in poor repair. I don't know for sure if they were original to the house in 1943, but they couldn't have been much newer than that.

I called St Joseph's, and they were able to give me an estimate very quickly. The price was reasonable and fair, if not fantastically cheap. They were able to do the work sooner than they had originally estimated, and they were quick about it. I have no complaints with this company about any part of the job.

As a bonus, they saved me some money. I asked them about replacing some trim along the side of the house. Looking at it from the ground, I was afraid it was rotten. I confess, I hadn't gotten on a ladder and checked it out. The St Joseph's people could easily have just replaced it and charged me, but they didn't. They took a look and told me all I needed was a fresh coat of paint. Thanks!

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2012 by Stephanie D.

Above and beyond

They came to my house when they said they would for the estimate and for the repair. They went above and beyond the repair work that I requested.

NOVEMBER 5TH, 2012 by Lou C.

Excellent throughout

Working with St. Joseph's Roofing was excellent from initial estimate to work completion. No complaints at all. Would definitely hire them again.

NOVEMBER 5TH, 2012 by Annette C.

Not great

St. Joseph's replaced our roof. But I called them back for an inspection, because of a pre-existing leak that was not fixed after the roof was replaced. After several cancellations, the inspector came out and provided an assessment, but not before brushing me off saying----we had selected inferior quality roofing materials (what did I expect!) and our windows were low grade (we paid for them, but I didn't tell him that)----adding I should have the windows inspected. Afterward, I did have the windows inspected and a problem was found and corrected.

While I am grateful he pointed out a potential issue with the windows, I deplored his bad attitude and criticisms. Essentially that doesn't say much for their professionalism or advice on selecting roofing materials or any hope of obtaining respectful warranty service in the future.

NOVEMBER 3RD, 2012 by Pam J.

Would call again

Kevin came out and gave us an estimate for our roof, which had been leaking. He viewed the roof and then emailed us a proposal within a few days. Ultimately we chose to go with another company, but we found St. Joseph's Roofing to be prompt and professional and wouldn't hesitate to call them again in the future.

OCTOBER 19TH, 2012 by Renee L.

Complete satisfaction

Complete satisfaction. Prompt and courteous service. Professional work done well and problem solved.

OCTOBER 12TH, 2012 by Paul W.

Professional, courteous, honest

They are very professional, courteous and honest. Gave us some helpful hints on extending the life of our roof. I would definitely use them again.

OCTOBER 12TH, 2012 by Peter C.

Excellent job, minimum fuss

St. Joseph's did an excellent job, on time, with a minimum of fuss. They were not the lowest bidder, but by no means out of line. Most importantly to me, their communication was excellent: timely and accurate.

OCTOBER 9TH, 2012 by Christopher R.

All in all, very pleased

It did take a while to schedule the repair, but that was to be expected following the damage of the "derecho" storm in the DC area in late June. Dave from St. Joseph's repeatedly apologized for the delay and kept us apprised of the repair date. The bulk of the repairs took only one day, and we arrived home from work to what looked like a brand new house! The new siding and woodwork looked amazing, and Dave followed through with a final inspection and phone call, and was straightforward and upfront about some minor additional costs. All in all, very pleased with their work and would definitely use them again (we're thinking of re-siding the remainder of the house next year).

OCTOBER 1ST, 2012 by Jessica B.