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Exceptional job.

They did an exceptional job. I was absolutely satisifed with the job and I would highly, highly recommend them for anyone that is looking for roofing repair. They were so professional and thorough. I couldn't find any of the debris after their clean up. The gentleman only said they would be here for 2 hours. They finished the job in that time span.

JANUARY 14TH, 2013 by Dale M.

Too much time

I had an appointment scheduled at 9:00 am to receive an estimate for a full shake roof replacement. I received a call from Chris, we spoke and he indicated he needed an 1 1/2 to 2 hours of my time in person (really...?). I told him I had another appointment that I had to leave for by 9:45. He indicated that it wasn't worth his time to come by and that I should reschedule. I told him he was welcome to look at the roof, etc. and we could discuss options over the phone once he has an idea of the magnitude of the job. He declined, so I declined.

No one ever indicated that you needed 2 hours of my time to discuss a roof. I know the spec's that I need and the options I want. Every other estimator (4 top rated ones) has been able to provide an estimate without me spending 1.5+ hours discussing it in calls seem to work pretty well....

Unfortunately, I think this is their loss...estimates for this job are $40,000+ and I need some race boards replaced or wrapped, etc.

Take care.

JANUARY 14TH, 2013 by Peter K.

Attention to detail

Storm damage caused leak in roof. Contractor contacted for repair estimate. Timely response given large number of damaged roofs in the area. Evaluation included damaged area and other potential leakage areas to ensure no additonal leaks would develop due to poor seals around vents. Contractor selected and performed work as discussed. During the work, the vent seals previously assessed as marginal proved to be just that. Three vent seals replaced, water damaged roof board replaced, necessary roofing shingles replaced and vent flange sealing was done as needed. Pricing was reasonable and inspection of work showed excellent workmanship and professional performance. Cleanup and removal of all debris excellent.

I personally went on the roof when the areas were opened for repair and reviewed the actual damage and poor flange sealing. I again inspected the finished job and personally assessed the work as excellent. No loose nails or screws were left behind on the roof nor on the ground. Excellent attention to detail.

JANUARY 4TH, 2013 by Peter P.

Excellent work

Ceiling above my bay window was leaking water. Damaged dry wall. Problem was diagnosed as poor flashing above exterior roof above the bay window during construction. St. Joseph's reapplied 'flashing' between the house and the roof and that has fixed the water leak on the interior of the house. Job was completed in about 4 hours and was done in a very professional manner. Clean up after the job was also excellent with nothing left behind for me to clean up.

Excellent work and clean up afterwards. Price was fair and I would highly recommend St. Joseph's to anyone who needs any type of roofing repair.

JANUARY 3RD, 2013 by Jon S.

I feel like I uncovered a jewel

I located this company off of Angie's List because of it's high ratings and stellar comments. After working with them, I can say they are a 5-star company and give 5-star service. I couldn't be happier.

The salesman, Mark McShurley, was excellent. He helped me immensely in looking at samples, giving me addresses to view some of their products, he even drove around with me while I pointed out homes with "the look" I was looking for. He was extremely patient, highly professional, and very timely in his responses.

The crews were excellent. Each crew is led by and English-speaking person. Julio, the crew manager, was excellent and addressed all of my many questions with great patience and knowledge. They worked meticulously-- no wasting time or talking on phones. They were polite, professional, and cleaned up everything before they left for the day, aside from what they had asked permission to leave for the next day.

I like how this process worked: They removed the entire roof, did the replacement/repair work, and put on the new roof. A second crew removed the siding, did the replacement/repair work while others wrapped the house, and then they installed the new siding over a period of days. My neighbor is currently getting his house done right now by another company and it is not this way at all - not nearly as efficient.

Ann, in Administrative Support, who I had continuous contact with during the process from scheduling to billing, gave A+ service from start to finish. Very professional, friendly, and very timely with all contact.

Everyone I encountered with this company gave top-notch customer service. After all the experiences you hear about roofing and siding companies, I feel like I uncovered a jewel. I highly recommend St. Joseph's and would definitely use them again.

DECEMBER 30TH, 2012 by Monica B.

No estimate

Emailed several companies for quotes through Angieslist website. Did not hear from this company for over a week. When they did call, they said it would be two weeks before they could come out to inspect/quote. I was not happy with the wait, so they immediately scheduled me for the following week. However, on the scheduled day, they called to say they would not be able to come until the following week. We hadn't yet made a decision about who we were going to use, so agreed to the revised date.

When the guy came to quote, he did not get up on our roof like other companies had. He spoke to my husband and said he "could tell" that the roof needed to be replaced due to its age. (We have only lived in the house for a year and had no idea if the original roof (1989) had ever been replaced.) He said he was familiar with the size of our roof because they had done so many other townhomes like ours. He gave my husband a "ballpark" price that was more than double the prices we received from another vendor, although he did say that it was not a final quote and we would need to wait to receive the written quote.

It has been a week today since the estimator was here and we have not yet received a written quote. In the mean time, we selected another company and the work was completed within 2 days of signing the contract.

DECEMBER 20TH, 2012 by Richard M.


Mark McShurley provided a quote. He was very professional. He went through different options and provided a comprehensive quote that listed the options discussed. Their prices were higher than others, but I did appreciate their professionalism. Mark also described how they would protect the house and landscape during the work and that they used magnets to remove all nails and other metal debris.

DECEMBER 18TH, 2012 by Ruben S.

Work looks great

I placed a inquiry with them and they contacted me the next day to set up a time to do the estimate. They were very courteous and professional in letting us know when they would be out by contacting us earlier in the day to confirm things. They came out and provided a estimate on all the work. Mark was available afterwards to answer questions and even went out of his way to work with my insurance company over a issue with one of the windows. Mark ended up being correct in his assessment and the insurance adjusted their quote based on his findings. They were always in touch letting us know who was coming out and when. I have to say this has been a great company to work with. Mark and the people at St. Joseph's were always in touch and helpful. The installs have gone off great and the work looks great. I would happily use them again in the future.

DECEMBER 18TH, 2012 by Kelly L.


A relative of mine was admitted to the hospital and it was my desire that the roofing materials on her home be removed and
replaced while she was in the hospital. After conducting research on several companies, St. joseph's Roofing was selected. Although St. Joseph's recognized the time constraints, they accepted the challenge. The work was timely, workmanship professional, the crew was dedicated to the task at hand , responded positively when questions arose and complied with the provisions of the contract. St. Joseph's Roofing exhibited the qualities of a contractor dedicated to meeting the needs of the customer. I would recommend St. Joseph's Roofing to my friend's and neighbor's.

DECEMBER 18TH, 2012 by Thomas H.

Professional, thorough

They were very professional, thorough. They provided good communication with me. Their work was done very efficiently.

DECEMBER 17TH, 2012 by Peter M.