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Reasonable and detailed

We asked for an estimate on a new roof for our single-family home in Springfield, VA. Mr. McShurely came out to look at the roof and explain different roofing materials and their useful life. He provided a lot of useful information. We received an emailed estimate a few days later. The estimate was reasonable and very detailed. We ended up going with a different provider who provided a lower estimate, but would recommend St. Joseph Roofing based on our past experience with them: we had them replace our gutters last year and they did an excellent job.

MAY 23RD, 2013 by Douglas W.

Would definitely recommend them

The contractor was very professional and completed all work as agreed to. They did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend them.

APRIL 12TH, 2013 by Douglas W.

Very happy

I contracted St. Joseph's to have two layers of shingles taken off the roof and new shingles applied. Although I had not asked to have the wood underneath replaced, I noticed old wood coming off the roof and was concerned. I called the company to inquire why the decision had been made to replace the wood. They told me that rotted wood had been found around the vent piping and in other areas around the roof and it had to be replaced. I accepted the decision. I was extremely grateful to have done so after speaking to my next door neighbor. Her house was built at the same time mine was and she had her roof replaced two years ago. She told me her sons went into the attic to get the Christmas decorations this year and found they were wet. Her roof was leaking because the company she hired had not replaced the rotted wood underneath. I was very happy that St. Joseph's made the decision to replace the rotted wood. I would recommend them to friends and family.

APRIL 7TH, 2013 by Mary Jane P.


I had received two estimates before contacting St. Joseph. Both prior companies spent 2+ hours explaining how good their companies were and how good their materials, the equipment and supplies were. I had to listen to them explaining their company "Mission Statement" "philosophy" and training programs before they would provide and estimate. I found out later that the materials, equipment, supplies and training were all specified by the shingle manufacturer.

The St. Joseph estimator very quickly evaluated the job and the company sent me an emailed detailed estimate within 48 hours. Their price was considerably lower than other estimates. I later realized that St. Joseph doesn't hire salesmen who receive large commissions - they just estimate and do the work promptly and cleanly.

they came on time and finished the work in the time-frame they said it would take. They cleaned up all the debris and the roof looked terrific afterwards. A few days later a supervisor came and inspected the work.

APRIL 5TH, 2013 by Hank S.

Pleased with their service

Since they completed the service we are no longer experiencing the leak we had before. They were very professional and cleaned up well after their work. They also completed the work in the time frame they stated they would. They did a good job and we are pleased with their service.

APRIL 5TH, 2013 by Cliff P.

Excellent workmanship

On time when scheduled. Kevin Spence, who does repairs for St. Joseph, provides excellent workmanship and is very responsive. While some other less professional roofers were quick to try to convince us to replace the roof, despite there being no leaks, Kevin was able to show us that was unnecessary and that a maintained roof could give us years more of serviceable life.

APRIL 1ST, 2013 by Alan S.

A sucess

My elderly father-in-law whom I help with home maintenance used St. Joseph's on a difficult roof repair in a very old house.

We had tried many roof repair services before, none of whom were able to diagnose the problem; St. Joseph's succeeded in diagnosing and implementing the repair.


MARCH 25TH, 2013 by Richard W.

We are extremely happy

My wife and I are extremely happy with the price, the workmen, and most importantly - the results. Two years ago I started soliciting bids from reputable contractors for a whole-house makeover. Several were quick to deliver bids, but as I continued to research options and ask questions they lost interest. Then I remembered St. Joseph's, who had repaired a minor roof leak years earlier. Mark McShurley was extremely patient, encouraging me to ask questions, willing to drop off samples, helpful but never pressuring. All the quotes were in the same ballpark, but when St. Joseph's quote was tied or lower than the others while including nice extras we gave them business.

ach of the major projects brought workers with different skills, but who were all polite, neat, and cooperative. They showed me the wood on the roof that needed to be replaced. I knew there was an area missing fiberglass insulation, and they gladly took some that I had and tucked inside. When I didn't like the way a wire was passed through the siding, they fixed it without a hint of frustration or anger. I told them not to remount two old outside lights, but they reinstalled the other one without my asking - and offered to mount new ones for me. At first I wanted them to leave some windows, and when I changed my mind they hauled them away. Even after some of the dustiest jobs the areas were vacuumed, and the windows were cleaned spotless. On top of that, they smiled when they worked - even during some of the coldest days this winter.

If you couldn't tell, I'm particular about the way things are done, and while I have some flexibility it still requires me to arrange my schedule in advance to be home. If I had to ding anything, I would say they could have called me to say when they were coming or not coming. That said, they send out reminder emails that clearly state schedules are not exact due to weather, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances, and I suspect this would be true of any company

The results are just amazing! Lines are neat. Caulk is thorough - and they used a color that matches the siding without my asking. Downspouts run on the least visible sides. The windows are level. And how much did I have to pay out before the work was done you ask? Not a dime. Let me repeat this: they did not require any money up front. It's nerve racking committing to a project like this, worrying how it will go and whether it was a good choice. I haven't lost one day of sleep over this project. I would absolutely, positively use St. Joseph's again, and I recommend you consider them, too.

(And yes, I take the CONFIRM box seriously - I do not work for them or a competitor, nor did I receive compensation of any kind to write a positive review.)

MARCH 22ND, 2013 by Martin S.

Easy; well-done

We had a small roof leak,and one section of our roof needed replacement. I used St Joe's at my business several times so I called them. They located problem, gave an estimate and did work. The whole experience was easy and well done as always.

The whole experience was easy and well done.

MARCH 22ND, 2013 by Joseph P.

Work in progress

Roof shingle repair, gutter and leader upgrade, replace flashing at entrance roof transition.

Work is in progress at this time

MARCH 18TH, 2013 by Bruce W.