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Rated Us

Responsive and professional

Even though the warranty over the roof they installed 8 years ago was over, they responded and followed up promptly and fixed the respective area. Its hard to say whether it is completely fixed before some time passes and we have rains. We are happy with the responsiveness and professional follow up. Thank you.

OCTOBER 23RD, 2013 by Gokhan A.

Good experience.

So far we have had a good experience with them. They do very good work. The final inspection was this past Monday and we received the invoice shortly after. The company is very confident in their quality of their work and that is what really stood out to us. They were also punctual and had good communication.

OCTOBER 16TH, 2013 by Daniel L.

Intend on using them

My homeowners insurance company said I had a problem with my roof (which I doubted) but I contacted St. Joseph's to come take a look at the roof and see if it needed replacement. I am an absent landlord, so I didn't meet the estimator, but my tenant said he came on time and did a thorough inspection on the roof. I was pleased that they were honest and told me I didn't need to have the roof repaired, but said a few of the shingles could be replaced and they suggested I remove the old TV antenna (which I've been wanting to do for a while) because it was putting pressure on the roof. They also suggested a gutter protection system as an option. The price they quoted was very fair and I intend on using them to get the work done after a finish with a few other, more pressing repairs on the property.

OCTOBER 6TH, 2013 by Beth F.

Good job

The price fell within the ball park of the range we wanted to pay. They did a good job.

AUGUST 27TH, 2013 by Nathan W.

No problems

I called SJR to look at a small roof leak into top floor of TH. It hadn't leaked again recently but stain still evident. Kevin the estimator went up on the roof and looked at the valley. He noted it was probably related to old ice dam or snow dam. He advised to paint with "KILLZ" and then a final paint coat. He said to keep an eye on it and if the leak or stain re-appears then the valley may have to be repaired. No problems seen on roof!

AUGUST 21ST, 2013 by Thomas O.

Some issues

We already had a roof vent which they reinstalled. We were going to install a bottom edge roof vent, but were convinced out of using it in place of relocating the fan, and that change happened smoothly on the day of installation. This big a job done this quickly can be a problem, as it was in our case. The fan was re-located in an extremely difficult place to access from inside the attic, and was not hooked up. Nor was anyone told it was not hooked up. One of the skylights, that was to be replaced as part of the job, was flashed incorrectly. The guy who handled subsequent issues caught the incorrect flashing issue. I figured out the fan was not installed, and after considerable effort, the man who handled the skylight also installed the fan after a couple efforts. The skylight process was ridiculous. Despite the fact that the fixit guy - Dave - correctly measured the aperture, the replacement of the skylight took months, and twice the wrong size window arrived. Finally, rather than wait for a third window that would be much smaller to be ordered, I took the second one, which required considerable reworking of the aperture, busting out framing and drywall. Dave came back multiple times, did mutually agreed upon finishing, and was completely willing to do what was needed. On the whole St. Joseph fixed the issues that cropped up, and was generally accessible to respond to issues as they arose. Dave and his assistant get kudos for making sure things work. In fact I'm waiting for him to drop by the new screen as the one installed could not be removed without breaking it so he had it reworked. We had the roof installed in April I think and it's August. You can see the time frame. If they hadn't been so responsive, and Dave willing to work with me to make sure everything worked out eventually, they'd have gotten a lower overall grade. I understand roofs can be complicated. I would have preferred the install take a bit longer (like 2 days or a day and half), to allow for more careful install, which might have obviated some of these later issues. But I did like that they were so willing the day of the install to clarify and recommend specific best processes for attic ventilation, which were different that we first had discussed.

AUGUST 19TH, 2013 by Kit G.

No shortcuts taken; great job.

I grew up on the job site with my Dad and have seen lots of different contractors. The quality of this roofing team is top notch. NO shortcuts were taken, and with roofing, there are several that can occur. They noticed a bad flashing job from the previous owner, and immediately fixed it without being asked by me. Contractors don't often surpass my expectations (they are fairly high), but these guys did. Great job.
Note: They weren't the lowest bid, but I can't imagine an overall better value. Their warranty is also the best in the business. 25 years for workmanship is amazing, 10 years is the norm.

AUGUST 1ST, 2013 by Jeff G.

Looks reasonable

I found them on Angie's List. We've had some water entry and I fixed some of them myself. There's a merely flat, slightly sloping back roof on the house that happens to have some skylights in it and we've had water entry from there. The guy who came out to look at the situation was obviously a kind of guy who actually does the work. He made some practical short term recommendations in terms of what to do about the problem. He also provided us with an estimate for a longer term fix. The estimate looked very reasonable. I want to get another provider back out for an estimate and hear about what a different provider apart from these two have in mind. We probably won't do anything immediately because we may want to integrate that with other work that gets done on the house. We haven't been here long enough to be sure about exactly what we want to do yet. In fact I've already bought some of the materials to attempt to do the short term fix that another provider talked about for now and then differ for six to twelve months doing anything more radical until we assessed our financial situation and how long we are going to be here. St Joseph's did propose a price and we have an estimate from them. It looks reasonable to me. They were a little bit slow in getting the estimate out to us which is not a big deal. We were about to call them and ask them if they forgot about us. Apparently they did send us something earlier that for some reason or the other didn't come. They were sending it to my wife's email and she doesn't remember seeing it but anyway I wouldn't fault them. The guy who came out was a worker but I enjoyed interacting with him. He was very forward. We would certainly consider working with them. We are in the midst of collecting estimates and we probably won't do anything about any of them right away.

JULY 18TH, 2013 by Rebecca K.

No problems

I had three different companies over to look at roof which I suspected had some leaking issues. The gutters in one area were starting to pull away and I wanted that repaired also. I decided to go with St. Joseph's because they were the only company that actually went on the roof and inspected it. The others tried to sell me a new roof. They also had the cheapest estimate for the repair.

Because of the leak the fast tracked the repair and arrived later that week. They arrived on-time, repaired the issues and cleaned up after themselves. No problems with either issue since.

Only had one minor issue with the billing. They did not send me the bill right away but notified me via an email that I was deliquent on payment. I talked with the manager and she said it was a glitch with the computer program they used. She resolved it right away.

JULY 11TH, 2013 by Lyle H.

Work was excellent

Work was excellent from start to finish. Kevin Spence inspected roof and inside attic. (Note: Two other companies didn't even climb a ladder to see the condition of flashing). Estimate was provided two days later via email, and service date set for two weeks later. Their estimate was much lower than one company and on par with another.

Kevin was right on time and completed the flashing work and installed vents on one side of house. (Rain prevented him from installing vents on other side until two days later. Safety first!). The vents were installed perfectly straight and even. This was important because each side had two vents, due to wood beam in attic. (Note: the other companies didn't even go into attic, and would not have seen the wood beam until already cutting into siding. That may have been a right problem).

The flashing work included removing a previously installed cricket that was causing more problems than solving. Removing old flashing and several layers of shingles (some old that were left on when previous roofer just covered them over). Kevin installed new flashing, new shingles (perfect color match!) and sealed. He did a great job of cleaning all debris.

The company sent me an email asking if I had any concerns or questions (I had none), and only then sent the invoice. That was a nice touch. Also, Kevin was very patient with my numerous questions.

JULY 5TH, 2013 by Scott W.