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Way to go St. Joe's

Due to a communications issue, it took a little time to receive assistance. However, once the company manager contacted me, a technician quickly responded and made repairs to the roof. Although there has been no rain since the repair was made, I was assured by St. Joseph's Roofing that they would make good on any additional repairs if the initial repair didn't resolve my problem. You can't really ask more of a business than that.

Way to go St. Joe's

JUNE 21ST, 2014 by Richard K.

no problems

New roof very smooth very clean no problems

JUNE 5TH, 2014 by Michele B.

liked the quality of their service.

I used St Joseph's Roofing Inc for roofing services.

I got them off Angie's List and liked the quality of their service.

JUNE 4TH, 2014 by Russell B.

The estimate was fair

The estimate was fair and Mark McShurley was very professional in giving me his opinions and estimate. I did not choose them for the work because of the turn around time it would take to complete the job.

MAY 21ST, 2014 by Matilde B.

In all very good experience

I realized that a section of my roof ridge vent got blown off during the last year's late winter storm. It left a gaping hole in the roof that I wanted to fix ASAP so that the house does not suffer additional damage. I called several roofers but St.Joseph's was one of the first to respond (roofers had a busy season due to powerful late winter storms). I spoke to the owner and the roofer came in on the day we were scheduled to meet. I got an estimate to replace the section of the ridge vent but the roofer suggested that I replace the entire aluminum ridge vents with something better (tiled). I did some preliminary research and got several quotes to do that. St.Joseph's price point was higher than some other quotes I received. But since the roofer did a temporary fix and then had to re-do the ridge vent on another day I was ok with that price. The work was done on the day we agreed to be done. Very professional service. I spoke to the owner about the price difference from other vendors and got some discount. In all very good experience. The work also comes in with warranty. I would certainly recommend this vendor.

MAY 16TH, 2014 by Alfred J.

I wish all contractors were as attentive to detail, thorough ,responsive , honest and personable.

Removed 2 layers of shingles down to the bare wood. Inspected existing wood decking and replace rotten or structurally un sound wood. Installed new shingles, flashing, ice and water shield in all valleys and along eves. Installed Rhino Gutter protection (to prevent clogged gutters). Painted the chimney stack.

Member Comments: The entire experience with St. Josephs Roofing was exceptional. I have been in my house for 27 years, and this is the best contractor I have ever dealt with during that time.

I had obtained estimates from 3 other firms and St. Josephs was not the cheapest , but I felt the quality, knowledge and professionalism of the estimater gave me a strong feeling on the integrity of the company. He was dressed professionally, was well spoken and did not try to sell me anything I did not need or want. In addition, the positive reviews on Angies list also eased any concerns in picking this contractor.

On the day of the job, I left for work before the crew arrived. I returned after dusk and could not tell anyone had been there; I did not see a scrap or wood, shingle or any debris at all. The next day, I walked the entire yard and did not find then (or to this day) any nails or other debris on the property. The roof looked beautiful and all the work was perfect. When I received the invoice, (which was only sent after an inspector came by to verify the work quality) they indicated they replaced 2 pieces of rotting plywood and included before and after pictures to confirm the condition of the removed wood and the installation of the new wood. This was re assuring instead of just saying it was replaced. Since the roof has been installed,there has been no problems with the rain, wind and snow weather we have had recently.

I have nothing but positive feedback on St. Josephs employees and work. I wish all contractors were as attentive to detail, thorough ,responsive , honest and personable.

MAY 5TH, 2014 by Lawrence M.

More significant than what they did is what they did not do.

More significant than what they did is what they did not do. . . we requested they look at our roof shingles, which are about 15 years old. We wanted to replace them before they caused any problems, if the roofer felt they were nearing the end of their life. St. Joseph's came out to look at the roof and suggested that the shingles and affiliated roof work appeared to be in very good condition given the age. They suggested doing nothing at this time but having them reexamined in 3-4 years. They also suggested that the chimney mortar is eroding so we should have a professional mason look at it for us. St. Joseph's could have told us that as a preventive measure they would recommend replacing the roof now and could have given us a quote for same--but they did not do that. I consider that integrity. I will definitely call them when I want the roof examined again.

MAY 4TH, 2014 by William B.

They were the most thorough company

They were the most thorough company. They gave me a written estimate on the spot. They were very good about letting me know about any changes or considerations. They were willing to work with me for payments and accommodating me.

APRIL 28TH, 2014 by Susan L.

hey did all the cleanups and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them.

We've had great experience with them. We went to them for an estimate and they were professional about it. They contacted us in a timely manner. They also did an additional job but nothing that couldn't weigh over the amount that we expected to spend. They did all the cleanups and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them.

APRIL 9TH, 2014 by Alex S.

Would definitely recommend to others.

We were very nervous after seeing some water spots after a large storm. We wanted to get someone out quickly and St. Joseph's was able to send someone the day we called. The fix was minor and they took care of it while here. Really appreciate the quick work (they were even able to come out a little early). They even did a walkthrough of the whole roof (it was only one spot that we needed fixed), but they checked the whole roof and even added some caulk in places to help the existing areas. Would definitely recommend to others.

MARCH 31ST, 2014 by Jessica P.