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Rated Us

Very professional and responsive

10.06.2009 They were very professional and very responsive. They worked with us to find a solution to not having to put new gutters. They came up with a good solution to save some money.

OCTOBER 6TH, 2009 by Sean C.

Exceeded expectations

09.22.2009 Mark came out for the estimate and was very professional and friendly. I recieved a written estimate the next day that was very competitive with two other estimates I received. I decided to use them based on all the positive feedback and references, and the very postitive feeling I had during the initial visit. On the day the work was to be done, the crew showed up on time. Alberto the crew chief was very friendly and informative. The replacement shingles matched very well. They did a very good job on clean-up too. Best of all, the crew even did some extra repairs to other shingles on the roof, exceeding my expectations!

SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2009 by Rob W.

The final result was fantastic

09.03.2009 I had a fairly complicated job because I needed a carpenter to perform work on our dormers and portico before the roof could be replaced. The representative of the company recommended one carpenter,who did not work out (he cancelled two appointments because "his car broke down"). The second carpenter, however, did a great job, and the St. Joseph's rep coordinated the work with the carpenter very well. The final result was fantastic.

SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2009 by Julia W.

Prompt and clean

06.16.2009 They came promptly and gave a good estimate then were pretty quick to schedule the repair. They were able to complete the repair in a short period of time a couple of hours. They left the site clean.


JUNE 16TH, 2009 by Renee H.

Honesty and integrity

 06.06.2009 St. Joseph's representative, Mark McShurley, was superb during all phases of this work, including presentation; meeting special needs and solving problems (sometimes in consultation with shingle company CertainTeed); contract negotiation; and execution. The crew chief, Alberto, is a class act of his own, showing a determination to get it right and otherwise please with little extras. The invoice was not sent to me until all follow-up details were taken care of, long after the bulk of the work was completed. A correction on the gutter slope has become necessary but I am making my report now before the correction is made because I am so confident of the integrity and honesty of this company.


JUNE 6TH, 2009 by Larry S.

Polite and professional

05.19.2009 We called for an estimate and Mark was scheduled to come out within 48 hours. I was even given his cell number in case I needed to contact him prior to the appointment. Mark arrived on time and was very polite and professional. He mentioned that he would give us an estimate via e-mail, which we received within 24 hours. The price was not the lowest out of the estimates, but it was competitively priced. About a 6 weeks later, we signed the contract and faxed it in. I had forgotten to initial, however Mark called to get verification on what work needed to be done. I took that time to discuss with him the colour of tile that was to be used, because there was some confusion on what the correct colour should be and I wanted it to match with the existing. Although I was not told what the actual colour/brand being selected was going to be, I was assured that they would match as closely as they can. The following week, on a Monday, four workers arrived around 8 am. I had to leave and I was under the impression that my presence was not required. When I came back a few hours later, I noticed they were putting up a red tile. Although the existing tile did have some red in it, it was not as bright as the colour that was being put up and I felt it did not match very well (Certainteed Tile Red Blend I think). I got in contact with Mark, who got them to stop and he came out with some colour samples an hour later, from which a different colour was selected (Certainteed Oakwood) that was more brown and I felt fit better with the rest of the roof. He assured me that they would return sometime that week to take down the red tile and put up a colour of my choosing. The second team arrived Saturday morning and worked quickly and proficiently. Within a few hours they had completed the work except they had forgotten the screen and an elbow joint for the gutter. I do not know when they came back to finish the work, but I noticed the following Tuesday morning that it was completed. I am giving a good review because I am very happy with the work that was done and I feel that, had the colour not been an issue, this would have been a flawless execution on part of St. Joseph's Roofing Inc. The only thing that may have been lacking is perhaps communication on the colour. However, they corrected this to my satisfaction as soon as I brought it to their attention so it is irrelevant.

MAY 19TH, 2009 by Lisa M.


They responded to my email promptly, and Mark came out to do a free estimate. He notified me that he would be a few minutes late, but otherwise was prompt. He emailed me the estimate from the parking lot; unfortunately my older computer would not download this file, so I asked him to mail me an estimate - which was promptly done. Mark said he would contact me to set up a time for the work. After about a week or so, I called the office and after getting in contact with Mark again, was informed that the work had already been done. I had not gotten a call or a message before this. This portion of my roof is very difficult to see (I live in a townhouse), so I had not immediately noticed that the work had been done. I would have preferred to witness the work had been done (so that I could actually see the workers re-secure the other rake wrap). But from what I can see the work has been done, and I presume was done within a week of the acceptance of the contract. I had planned on paying the bill by credit card, but was notified that there is an extra 3% charge to pay by credit card. There is also a 1.5% penalty for not paying within 10 days - Since I was not notified of when the work was completed, I was not in receipt of the bill at the completion of the contract. After a phone call confirmed the work was completed, I was emailed my bill. I tried to call and pay by credit card, but was informed that there was an extra 3% charge to pay by credit card. So I now have 7 days to get my check to the company. I would recommend this company, but be aware of their payment restrictions and requirements. I looked all over the website and could not find information about these payment requirements.

APRIL 11TH, 2009 by Terri K.

They did a great job.

04.11.2009 I called St. Joseph's for an estimate and was quickly contacted by Mark to set an appointment. He arrived on time and went through the entire process and options. I asked for several color samples and Mark dropped large sample boards at my home for me to choose from. The office staff kept in contact with me to let me know when the materials would be delivered and the job started. The day of the roof replacement the crew arrived early and got right to work. When I came home, I had a beautiful new roof and my property was cleaned, the yard raked clean of any debris. They did a great job.

APRIL 11TH, 2009 by Mary C

They were responsive

02.24.2009 We did not use St. Joseph's but they were responsive and gave us a reasonable estimate. They were on our short list at the end of our estimate process.

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2009 by Maribeth D.

I would definitely recommend this company!

02.18.2009 I called St. Joseph's Roofing after getting some high estimates from other companies for a small amount of work. They sent someone over within a few days to give an estimate and explain how the company works. I was told the min was $375 and this job was smaller but they would check everything out since it was small job. This was the lowest min I could find so I hired them and the repairs were completed within 2 weeks. The repairman also called the following day to explain the bill (which he emailed to me - love that!) and gave some pointers as to other things to watch out for. I would definitely recommend this company!

FEBRUARY 18TH, 2009 by Claudine P.