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Rated Us

They'll leave you completely satisfied

06.07.2010 You'll be very happy with the cost of having your roof completely replaced. The roofers arrive very early on the work date and they will impress you with their hard-work ethics. They are friendly and very efficient in what they do. They'll check with you to make sure everying that needed to be done is done. They'll leave you completely satisfied that the new roof you have will have a home protected from leaks from the weather elements. We are!

JUNE 7TH, 2010 by John K.

No estimate

05.15.2010 The representative was very professional, efficient, and pleasant when he came out to do the estimate, but two weeks later we still have not received the estimate that he promised to email us the next day. I'd like to hire them, as I was impressed, but if they can't send me an estimate what can I do? I was surprised that they'd come out and take measurements within days and then not follow up with an estimate -- but, looking at all the other reviews here, maybe I shouldn't be. I agree with the other posters who said that calling St. Joseph's is a waste of time.

MAY 15TH, 2010 by Susan N.

Worked out great

04.23.2010 I had them come out for an estimate for some water damage and they came to the house on time gave my wife no information not even a card to have me follow up. He just told her he would get an estimate shortly to us. In addition, my wife asked him to give me a call before he looked at the house but he said that wasn't needed. One month later and nothing no calls, emails or mail. If you cant follow up on an estimate how can I be sure you would even do the work. Update: The owner called me personally and fixed the issues that I had with them and I went ahead and used them to do the work and it came out great


APRIL 23RD, 2010 by Rick R.

They were great

They were great. Professional. Came when they said they did. Took care of everything to our satisfaction. I chose them because they were the lowest bidder AND got great reviews. I can now add our name to the list of satisfied customers.

APRIL 23RD, 2010 by Jonathan S.

Highly recommend them

04.14.2010 They were timely and finished the job to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend them for roofing repairs.

APRIL 14TH, 2010 by Richard W.

No estimate

Kevin came out to give me an estimate. He climbed through a window in my house to get on the roof (metal covered porch). In the process he left dirt marks on my carpet. All other estimators put up a ladder to get on the roof. It is now a month later and I still don't have an estimate and this is after calling to inquire at least 3 times. I was told it was emailed but I checked my spam folders and confirmed my address and still no estimate. Obviously I'm not going with these guys.

APRIL 10TH, 2010 by Chris C.


Requested and received an estimate for roof repairs in December. Sent two emails on 3/24/10 and 4/1/10 to schedule the work. No response within two weeks. Recommend that no one waste their time with this company.

APRIL 8TH, 2010 by Chris Z.

Good job

04.05.2010 We used to live in Chantilly and they did the roof work for us there. The contractor that we had hired quit in the middle of the job and that’s why we hired St. Joseph’s Roofing to put the roof on our garage. They did a good job, just like they did before. The price that they charged wasn’t an unreasonable price. I would hire them in the future too.

APRIL 5TH, 2010 by Debbie D.

Responsive and helpful

They were very responsive and helpful, I ended up not following through with the estimate or work at this time.

APRIL 2ND, 2010 by D.A.


04.02.2010 The young man was very courteous and appeared to write up all the information, but he never followed up with the actual estimate.

APRIL 2ND, 2010 by James L.