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Rated Us

Very professional

I first contacted St. Joseph\'s to get an estimate on a roof repair and they quickly came out and provided a professional, written, reasonable estimate. Unfortunately, it was in the fall of 2011 just after all the storms which meant that EVERYONE needed roof repairs and they weren\'t able to schedule me for several weeks. Luckily we didn\'t have an emergency situation and we were willing to wait. They promptly showed up on the day they were scheduled and did a great job. I really liked that they are locally owned and operated. Everyone I came in contact with was very professional and they took a lot of pride in what they were doing. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. No surprises.

JANUARY 20TH, 2012 by Patricia B.

Really like estimator

I really liked the estimator; did his job thoroughly, but also engaged in conversation I enjoyed. Great personality. Had I just been choosing on the estimator I liked best I would have given him my business. His estimate was in the same ball park as other estimates from the area's most reputable customers. Comparing details, however, another top-rated company seemed to give a slightly better deal (e.g. 15 year rather than 10 year warranty) so I went with them.

JANUARY 11TH, 2012 by Richard L.

High quality

Overall, SJR gets high marks for the way they handled the pre-work arrangements. There were a couple of administrative glitches in the communications including the estimator missing one meeting without leaving a explanatory message and someone misfiling my paperwork for several days which delayed the scheduling process. But once the paperwork was found, they moved me up in the schedule. Their administrative resources are fairly limited and these things can happen sometimes. The good news is that when you call the office, you can find someone who knows what is going on and can help you immediately. SJR does not ask for a deposit which is a rarity these days. They indicated that they expected to be paid only when the job was finished and when my expectations were met.

I think the pre-work arrangements were helped by me doing research and thinking through options as much as possible before the estimator arrived. Then it was just a matter of making the choices that were available and moving forward. This also cuts down any need for rework while the job is in progress.

Overall, the project went very well. The crew showed up on the day expected and worked at a steady pace till dark and were back on the job the next morning as the sun came up. The owner of SJR did a site visit on day one and we went over the contract items and the extras and worked out a few details on a couple of options. A couple of questions did come up as I was inspecting the work over the following several days and they sent out a very knowledgeable person to work with me to take care of a couple of items related to some caulking around the chimneys. This was not really part of the roofing project, but they took the time to help me work through it and I did appreciate that effort. During this time, they also did another site inspection of the work to make sure everything looked OK. Although these matters did stretch out the time-line on being completely finished (at least as I defined it), SJR never asked for their money until everything was done.

I initially contacted SJR because they had done several of the roofs in my neighborhood over the past few years. While i know I could have found a roofer willing to work for a lower price, their track record in the neighborhood and the professional way they seemed to approach things gave me confidence that I would get a high quality job for a reasonable price. I am convinced that that is what I got.

DECEMBER 31ST, 2011 by L.P.

Fabulous Job

hey did a great, fabulous job. They were very professional. They came out and gave a great estimate and then they came back to inspect the property. They respected my concerns about working when there wasn't anybody at the property. They came back and cleaned up the extra nails that the guys hadn't gotten the first time. They did an excellent job in a timely manner. They cleaned up their mess. They had to match paint colors on the trim. They had to match colors of the siding too. There was a lot of effort to do a good job and I really appreciated that. They were really good.

DECEMBER 31ST, 2011 by Susan H.

Professional and responsive

Though I did not end up using St. Joseph's to replace my roof I found them to be incredibly professional and responsive. Their price was very good and references excellent.

They responded with email and phone calls. They had a backlog like most roofers and scheduled an appointment. Called to confirm and arrived when scheduled. Followed up to emailed questions promptly and with detailed information.

DECEMBER 23RD, 2011 by Kimberly F.

Punctual, professional, thorough

St. Joseph's Roofing was punctual, professional, thorough, and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend them.

DECEMBER 18TH, 2011 by Linda M.

Different recommendation

The difference between this company and another company is that they recommended triple vents on the roof and I already have an attic fan and they recommended one. The reason why I want a vent is because a racoon went through my attic fan and I had to pay somebody to put a screen on the fan. So I decided not to have one.

NOVEMBER 30TH, 2011 by Margaret M.

Great job!

I am a renter and had a leak in my apartment after Hurricane Irene hit Northern Virginia in August. I told my landlady about the leak and she promptly called St. Josephs. Even though the roofing company was busy with all kinds of post-hurricane roofing jobs they were prompt and professional. They fit the job in right away. They quickly found and fixed the leak in the roof and left the place clean and neat. In fact, they did such a great job that my landlady is going to hire them again to replace the entire roof in the spring!

NOVEMBER 22ND, 2011 by Amanda A.

Awesome job

I noticed St. Joseph's trucks in the neighborhood so checked them out on-line. I was very impressed that they had a map of the area with actual houses they had worked on so you could check out their work. You just clicked on a location and the house number and street popped up.

I called to set up an appointment to have someone come out and give me an estimate. The office staff answered the call promptly and was very courteous and helpful. I had someone come out within 3-4 days and he was great. He was very knowledgeable and had obviously been doing this for quite a while. He explained what I needed done and said I would receive an estimate via e-mail within a few days, which I did. I thought their price was very reasonable for the amount of work that needed to be done and was right in line with other estimates I had received. I decided to go with St. Joseph's because of the professionalism I had seen so far, the reviews on sites like Angie's list and the quality work I had seen on the houses they had already done....and I am so glad I did.

The morning I had my roof done I cleared my driveway so they could get their trucks in. They had 3-4 trucks and easily 10 workers so they could complete my roof in one day. They walked around the house and moved anything they thought may get damaged from the debris coming off the roof. They moved hot tub covers, shelves and a small utility trailer. Within 2-3 hours they had the old roof completely off and had already replaced most of the 16 sheets of plywood that were rotted under my old roof. By 5 pm they were completely done. They had replaced all my flashing, installed the new roof, moved my hot tub cover and utility trailer back to their original spots AND completely, COMPLETELY cleaned up my yard. There was not one nail, one shingle or one empty water bottle in my yard. My roof looks incredible and it was money well spent.

Awesome job St. Joseph's, thanks!

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2011 by Stephanie P.

Beautiful roof

St. Joseph's punctually issued proposal (neither the most nor least expensive). I signed contract. St. Joseph's scheduled work, they began within a week, left beautiful roof, cleaned-up job site very well, and 11 years later have not had a single leak or other problem. My roof has been so care-free that I had forgotten about it until a friend just asked for a recommendation.

NOVEMBER 14TH, 2011 by Eddie S.