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Leak Free Guarantee

Our Ultimate Leak Free Guarantee is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry

  • No prorating
  • Even our Standard warranty is 5 years longer than the 10 year industry norm
  • Manufacturer warranties, even the upgraded ones, do NOT cover flashings. All our warranties cover flashing

Our Leak Free Garantees

  • Shingle Warranty
  • Workmanship Warranty
  • Warranty is Transferrable Once
  • Warranty Covers Flashings
  • Includes Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty
  • Includes Manufacturer’s Upgraded Warranty
  • We Pay You if It Leaks

Leak Free Standard

  • 25 Years – Lifetime
  • 15 Years

Leak Free Premium

  • Lifetime
  • 25 Years

Leak Free Ultimate

  • Lifetime
  • 25 Years

The Leak Free Ultimate Guarantee Terms:

If we’re a good fit and your home’s structure is approved we’ll guarantee that:

If the roof leaks while you own the home we’ll fix it for free (including damaged drywall) PLUS
we’ll pay you $250 for the inconvenience.


Roof must be paid for in full and on time.

We will need to approve your home’s structure by inspecting the inside of your attic.

If the leak is caused by a foreign object like a tree branch or hail or is covered by insurance we’ll fix it for the insurance payout but you will have to

pay your deductible. (It’s illegal for a contractor to pay an insurance deductible for you.)

The $250 is only paid once. If there is another leak while you own the home we will still fix it for free including the damaged drywall.

Leaks resulting from items being installed on the roof by others such as satellite dishes are not covered.

The difference:

BE CAREFUL OF SO CALLED “LIFETIME” WARRANTIES. THEY COVER MUCH LESS THAN YOU THINK. Over 93% of roof leaks are caused by bad flashings and penetrations and yet even upgraded manufacturer “lifetime” warranties do NOT cover flashings and penetrations.

All the roof warranties we’ve ever seen have enough fine print and exclusions to protect the company more than it protects you. Our warranty is simple and holds us accountable.

Most warranty claims processes are almost more painful than the roof problem! If there is ever a roof issue on a roof we install, just contact us and we’ll gladly send someone out at the soonest available time without any big corporate bureaucracy, paperwork or cost.

Most roof warranties end before you need them. We’re here as long as you own the home..
Other roof warranties only offer protection for things that seldom go wrong or are too difficult to prove was their fault. We actually guarantee it to be leak free.
No roof warranty we’ve ever seen compensates you for your wasted time dealing with a problem that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. We know that sometimes leaks happen but if they do we want to make an effort to compensate you for the trouble it’s caused so we pay you $250 the first time we have to fix an issue..